High Pressure X-ray Science Laboratory


Research Interest

 Our lab studies biological and soft matter systems using high pressure and X-ray techniques.

 A novel high pressure technique, called high pressure cryocooling, has been developed for biophysical and X-ray science. The method was primarily developed for crystal cryoprotection in macromolecular crystallography. It was revealed that the underlying physics involves interesting phase behaviors of glassy water at low temperatures.

 Using the high pressure method, we will study the phase behaviors of glassy water, water-protein interactions, and protein functions and dynamics at cryogenic temperatures.

Post Doc. Research Position

We are looking for Post Doc. Research fellows in the field of Biophysics, X-ray Diffraction, TEM, or Laser Spectroscopy.

Those who majored in physics, chemistry and biology are all welcome.

Please email a curriculum vitae(CV)

including a list of publication to Prof. Chae Un Kim.

Email: cukim@unist.ac.kr

Student Research Position

We are looking for ambitious graduate and undergraduate students.

Highly motivated students are welcome.

Please Contact Prof. Chae Un Kim

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Email: cukim@unist.ac.kr